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MiniMaster Golf Game


Decide the length of the hole. Place the tee mat at the start and the green at the finish, with the water hazard, sand traps, and any other chosen objects positioned in between. Use the selection of mini clubs to play from the tee to the green. After putting the ball into the cup on the green to finish, the tee, green and other accessories are re-positioned around different obstacles so that every hole is uniquely challenging and fun!

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MiniMaster GOLF is a fun, competitive and challenging game which can be enjoyed by players of all ages. The game set contains everything needed to recreate the real game in miniature, and is played using a lever-activated mini golfer attached to a lightweight, standard sized golf club handle.

Played indoors, players create holes around the house/office using the game set accessories, furniture, and any other objects to play over, under or around.

Shots are played using the 6 x interchangeable mini clubs (2 x Woods, 2 x Irons, Sand Wedge, Putter) to drive, pitch and putt – just like real golf.

To take a shot players simply select a club, insert it into the golfer’s hand grip, pull the lever, and he swings into action!